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My name is Dr. Dalton Kehoe

Dr. Dalton Kehoe has been a teacher, organizational change practitioner and communications consultant for over 40 years. He was routinely voted one of the top teachers at York University, and chosen by the province’s educational television network as one of the best lecturers in the province, Before retirement, Dalton Kehoe was a dynamic business speaker and a top-rated instructor in the Executive Education Center at the Schulich School of Business at York University, where he trained executives from leading companies. Now he is the President of Communicate for Life, Ltd. a firm dedicated to helping people to improve their workplace communication skills.

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Communicate For Life – Frequently Quoted By Top Publications

Dalton Kehoe is a highly regarded expert on communication and power of the subconscious mind. Forbes voted Dalton’s recent book, Mindful Management, as one of the top 5 books to add to your Coaching Library. Financial Post quoted Dalton’s expert advice to entrepreneurs and their opportunity to keep employees engaged and happy for successful growth.

HR.BLR.com: Control vs. connection: How to build a connective culture at work

Only 30% of US workers are fully engaged in their work. As Gallup’s research indicates, the level of employee engagement has barely increased since the turn of the 21st century. Why? The answer lies in the structure of the human mind and the structure of the workplace.  Read More

The elephant in the room

Support, certainty and consideration from a direct supervisor will flood a worker’s mind with the energy to listen and do her work, says one expert  Read More


Mindful Management – by Dalton Kehoe

Get one of Forbes top recommended books. This book is about the power of our rational conscious (Rider) and emotional-unconscious (Elephant) minds in our work lives.

It demonstrates the essential connections between them and highlights the power of the Elephant mind.

More importantly, it offers a powerful explanation of why only 30% of employees are actively engaged in their work.

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