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My name is Dr. Dalton Kehoe

Routinely voted one of the top teachers at York, and chosen by the province’s educational television network as one of the best lecturers in the province, I am a dynamic business speaker. I am also a top-rated instructor in the Executive Education Center at the Schulich School of Business at York University, where I train executives from leading companies.

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Words spoken a day
Essential emotions - on which all others are based
Percent of words describing the entire range of human emotions are negative
Milliseconds for your Elephant mind to size up others emotions

Learning Objectives

Goals that we expect you to achieve.


Be a 'mindful manager' who can engage both the Rational and Emotional minds of your team.


Build lasting leadership connections and trust with your staff, management and clients.


See immediate results in your team's attitude, productivity and their willingness to follow your lead.

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At the most basic level, managers need to make sure employees know they care about them as individuals, said Dalton Kehoe. Read More


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Forbes voted Dalton’s recent book, Mindful Management, as one of the top 5 books to add to your Coaching Library.


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Financial Post quoted Dalton’s expert advice to entrepreneurs and their opportunity to keep employees engaged and happy for successful growth.


HR.BLR.com: Control vs. connection: How to build a connective culture at work

Only 30% of US workers are fully engaged in their work. As Gallup’s research indicates, the level of employee engagement has barely increased since the turn of the 21st century. Why? The answer lies in the structure of the human mind and the structure of the workplace. Read More

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A Forbes Top 5 Book for Your Coaching Library

Forbes voted Dalton’s recent book, Mindful Management, as one of the top 5 books to add to your Coaching Library.